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Collaborative research in the application of the latest technologies in IT, BT and NT World Leader in Convergence Technology Research

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Mission & Vision

As the center for next generation technology

The Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology aims to be a world class leader in convergence technology research and education. In addition, by promoting synergy in cutting edge R & D among research institutes within the region, the Institutes will play a major role in advancing world class research in next generation convergence technology.

Center of World Class Research on Convergence Technology

  • Accumulation of practical and applicable knowledge through development of world-class core original technologies of the future
  • Establishment of global R&D network

Leading Next Generation High-Tech Hub in Northeast Asia

  • Leading role in nurturing world's leading industries through transition into the next generation of high-tech industries

Leading Graduate School Dedicated to Research on Convergence Technology

  • Creation of new disciplinary areas through collaboration
  • Cultivating world leaders in interdisciplinary convergence technology

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