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Collaborative research in the application of the latest technologies in IT, BT and NT World Leader in Convergence Technology Research

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Human Resources Committee



Research Headquarters
  • Energy Semiconductor Research Center
  • Post Energy Technology Research Center
  • Graphene Research Center for Convergence Technology
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials Innovation Research Laboratory
  • Multiscale CAE Convergence Laboratory
  • Wearable and Healthcare Convergence Laboratory
  • Marine Ecology and Resource Convergence Center
  • Laboratory of Food Medicine and Genomics
  • Precision Medicine Research Center
  • Laboratory for Nanomolecular Imaging and Innovative Drug Development
  • Laboratory of Medical-IT Convergence Research
  • Biomedical Implant Convergence Research Laboratory
  • Future Mobility Research Center
  • Digital Human Research Center
  • Smart Grid Research Center
  • Robotics Research Laboratory for Extreme Environments
  • 3D Space Laboratory
  • Vehicle Energy Research Laboratory
  • Autonomous Driving Laboratory
  • Cognitive Computing Laboratory
Research Planning Office
  • Research Strategy Team
  • Technology Planning Team
  • Pangyo Autonomous Driving Promotion Group Administrative Support Team
  • Research Project Management Team
Education Headquarters
  • Education & Training Team
  • Center for Convergence Security Research
  • WCCP
Management Headquarters
Planning & Coordination Office
  • Management Support Team
  • Policy Planning Team
  • Facilities & General Affairs Team
  • Public Relations & Information Team

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