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Institute of Nano Convergence

Institute of Nano Convergence
The Institute of Nano Convergence Technology conducts research on LEDs which can maximize energy efficiency, organic solar cells, next-next generation genomic sequencing, and nano materials that can have biomedical applications..
Institute of Nano Convergence_affiliated research center
  • Energy Semiconductor Research Center 
    (Park, Yongjo/ Director)
  • Post Energy Technology Research Center 
    (Youn Snag Kim/ Director)

  • Graphene Research Center for Convergence Technology  (Byung Hee Hong/ Director)
  • 전기화학 연구실_preparing  ()

  • 나노바이오 연구실_preparing  ()
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage Materials Innovation Research Laboratory  (Yuanzhe Piao/ Director)

  • Multiscale CAE Convergence Laboratory  (Y. Eugene Pak/ Director)
  • Wearable and Healthcare Convergence Laboratory  
    (Tae-Rin Lee Ph.D./ Director)

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