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Nano-Bio Convergence Research Center

Youn Snag Kim/ Director homepage  send email
  • energy harvesting, rechargeable battery, supercapacitor, nano material

  • Research of energy storage and conversion device for green technology including renewable energy and electric vehicle

Research Area
  • Natural Soured Energy
  • Next Generation Energy Devices
  • Energy Convergence Technology

Contents of research
  • Nanomaterials Research
  • Natural Soured Energy : Energy harvesting using water droplet, Piezoelectric sensor using nano materials
  • Next Generation Energy Devices : Li ion based batteries, Non-lithium ion batteries, Supercapacitors
  • Energy Convergence Technology : Enhancing rate capability and efficiency of energy storage devices based on nano materials, Connection between energy harvesting devices and energy stroage devices.

Result & Expected effect:
  • An effective energy harvesting method from a natural water motion active transducer
  • Flexible thin film Piezoelectric nanogenerator and strain sensor for artificial skins
  • all solid flexible supercapacitor with high energy density
  • Enhanced electrochemical capabilities of rechargeable batteries by nano structures and nano matrials
  • Flexible energy storage devices

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