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Nanoparticle Innovation Research Center

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  • Multiscale Modeling and Analysis, GaN LED, Quantum Dot, Applied Mechanics, CAE, Engineering solution

  • Development of multiscale calculation models and integrated analysis package for Improvement of electronic device performance
  • To provide theoretical/computational analyses for local industries in designing innovative and competitive products

Research Area
  • Multiscale simulation of defects in electronic materials
  • Computer aided engineering and analysis for optimal material/product design

Contents of research
  • Development of defect mechanics-based multiscale computational models and simulation method: Safety and reliability are the major issues for high-performance electronic devices working in harsh environmental conditions. Since these devices are fabricated on a foreign substrate, defects such as dislocations and cracks are formed in the thin film because of high lattice and thermal mismatch between the film and the substrate. Such defects can become a major issue for reliability of these devices. Therefore, we are carrying out research on the mechanics of defect generation in electronic devices using multiscale simulation techniques. The studies will enble understanding of defect generation mechanisms which can help in improving the reliability of electronic devices in harsh working environments.
  • Mechanics analysis for strain engineering of nanoelectronic Devices: Quantum dot (QD) nanostructures have been used as stable light sources. However, since the QDs are manufactured from different materials with different lattice and physical dimensions, the assembled QD nanostructures can induce mechanical strains in the heterostructure. This leads to a shift of the conduction subband energy in quantum dot device. In this research, we have developed the analytical model thereby predicting the band structure useful in designing functional improvement by optimizing the electronic architecture.

Result & Expected effect
  • To develop better understanding of structural and electronic materials behavior at different length scales.
  • To provide guidelines to better design and manufacture high quality devices and structural components.

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