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Tae-Rin Lee Ph.D./ Director   homepage send email
  • Wearable Device, Healthcare, Nano Medicine, Personalized Medicine, Bio Reactor
  • Development of Convergent Healthcare System with Wearable Devices

Research Area
  • Wearable systems for diagnosis and treatment
  • Healthcare systems based on wearable devices
  • Artificial blood vessels based on 2D materials
  • Design and evaluation methods for personalized nanomedicine
  • Bioreactor design using Taylor-Couette flow

Contents of research
  • Integration of wearable devices for remote healthcare systems
  • Manufacturing process for artificial blood vessels
  • Computer simulation for nanocarrier pharmacokinetics
  • Bio reaction based on Taylor-Couette flow

Result & Expected effect
  • Commercialization of nanomedicine based technologies
  • Mass production of cells and drug carriers
  • Development of wearable devices for healthcare systems

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