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Institute of Bio Convergence

Institute of Bio Convergence
The Institute of Bio Convergence Technology conducts research on a variety of innovative bio-health related topics which include discovery of biomarkers for detecting new diseases, the use of nano-imaging technology as a source of new pharmacologic development, personalized food-medicine therapy system, and medical-IT convergence technology. .
Institute of Bio Convergence_affiliated research center
  • Marine Ecology and Resource Convergence Center  (Jaeyeon Park/ Director)
  • Laboratory of Food Medicine and Genomics (Ki Won Lee/ Director)

  • Laboratory for Nanomolecular Imaging and Innovative Drug Development (Kim Sang Eun/ Director)
  • Laboratory of Medical-IT Convergence Research (Jong Hyo Kim/ Director)

  • Biomedical Implant Convergence Research lab. (Kim, Hyoun-Ee/ Director)
  • Convergence Research Laboratory for Funcional Plant Products (Sunghwa Choe/ Director)

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