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Center for Nanomolecular Imaging and Innovative Drug Development

Jaeyeon Park/ Director  send email
  • Marine Ecology Disturbance Organisms, Microalgae, Bioenergy, Marine Food-web, Useful substances, Food species, Mass culture

  • Monitoring and Research on marine plankton ecology
  • Development of new technologies using marine organism resources
  • Improvement of the quality of marine ecology monitoring system by using newly developed method

Contents of research
  • Marine Ecology Disturbance Organisms
  • Converting Food waste to bioenergy using marine protozoa
  • R&D on selecting optimal and robust marine organisms for CO2 reduction and producing bioenergy
  • Discover novel and useful marine organisms

Result & Expected effect
  • Make a major breakthrough in marine ecology research
  • Industrial application of newly developed biotechnology using marine biological resources
  • Microalgae provides environmentally sustainable ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production. In addition, this technology can play a significant role in generating certified Emission Reduction credits (CERs) in the future

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