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Nano Primo Research Center

Ki Won Lee/ Director  send email
  • Wellness life, Personalized wellness care system, Disease-targeting natural resources

  • Development of global wellness products based on traditional Korean medicine and application of convergence technology for establishment of genome-based customized wellness care system to lead the healthy and happy lifestyle of Koreans and world population

Research Area
  • Disease-targeting natural resources, Glocalized wellness products, Convergence service for wellness life, Genome-based personalized wellness care system

Contents of research
  • Value-added natural resource research for disease targeting : Developments of value-added natural resources by utilizing bioconversion technology : Elucidation of potential biological activities and target proteins of the natural resources and their mechanisms of actions by utilizing various in vitro cell and in vivo animal disease models
  • Glocalized wellness product research : Development of science & technology-based wellness products in forms of functional foods, cosmetics, daily healthcare products, etc. by utilizing local resources and convergence technologies of Seoul National University
  • Convergence service research for wellness life : Conducting wellness product/service substantiation research through the development of wellness indicators for personalized wellness services and the convergence with ICT
  • Establishment of genome-based personalized wellness care system : Establishment of life cycle-based personalized wellness care system through algorithm research presenting genome-based wellness products and services

Research results and expected merits
  • Provide successful technical commercialization models through the development of wellness resources and products by adding convergence technologies of Seoul National University to local resources, and ultimately promote local economic vitality
  • Establish “Korean wellness” by constructing life cycle-based personalized wellness care systems

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