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Convergence Research Center for Functional Plant Products

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  • Precision Medicine, Healthcare, ICT, Convergence, Low-dose Radiation Exposure, Medical Bigdata, Digital Pathology, Disease-oriented Animal Model

  • ICT convergence technology-based research & development to uncover unmet needs for precision medicine

Research Areas
  • IT convergence-based development of low-dose radiation exposure technology in medical imaging
  • Improvement of Korean-personalized medicare/healthcare technology through the government 3.0 medical/health open big-data
  • Development of artificial intelligence technology applicable to integrated analysis of medical image-genome data
  • Building a novel 3D digital pathology service platform

Result & Expected effect
  • We have developed of quantum noise reduction solution for low-dose radiation exposure CT through integrated analysis of physics-based CT imaging model and experimental medical image data, which is expected to contribute to improve individual radiation safety in our nation.
  • By applying computer-assisted big-data processing techniques to respiratory disease and breast cancer image data obtained from large cohort screening, we have developed a series of disease risk prediction technique, which is expected to contribute to the 21st futuristic personalized prevention and healthcare.
  • By converging artificial intelligence technology upon government 3.0 medical and health cohort big-data, we are developing key risk factor prediction/avoidance model deduced from general and medical health status such as baseline value, genome, routine life pattern information and so on, which correlate with diseases most frequently occurred in Korean population, contributing to Korean-oriented personalized preventive health management service.
  • We are developing a whole-slide 3D digital pathology platform which will provide cost/time-efficient and core decision-making information in the development of innovative biologics, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, medical imaging, bionics products and etc.

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