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Institute of Bio Convergence

Kim, Hyoun-Ee/ Director homepage  send email
  • Biomaterials, implant, hard tissue replacement, Soft tissue regeneration, Stents, Bioresorbable meta

  • To develop new biomedical materials/devices with advanced functions via a combination of multidisciplinary approaches.
  • To improve the quality of life and promote national competiveness in biomedical healthcare technology by facilitating timely translation of newly developed biomedical materials/devices into industry (Design – Fabrication - Clinical Evaluation)

Research Areas
  • Development of Advanced Biomedical Materials/Devices (Implants, Stents, Artificial Bones, Artificial Cartilages, Drug/Growth Factor Delivery Systems, etc)
  • Development of Advanced Techniques for Digital Surgery
  • Pre-clinical/Clinical Evaluation of Biomedical Materials/Devices
  • Commercialization of Biomedical Materials/Devices

Contents of research
  • Developments of porous bio-metal scaffold for hard tissue replacements
  • Improve corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of magnesium (Mg) implant for orthopedic applications (Bioresorbable magnesium bone plate and plate)
  • Developments of Bioabsorbable magnesium stents
  • Surface modification for cardiovascular stent application
  • Drug delivery Hybrid material.

Result & Expected effect
  • Specific utilization of research findings : A variety of Biomedical Materials/Devices (Dental and orthopedic Implants, Cardiovascular Stents, Artificial Bones and Cartilages, Drug/Growth Factor Delivery Systems)

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