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  • - Energy Management (Efficiency), IoT Based Energy Platform, Big Data Analytics/Processing, Machine Learning

  • Development of ICT Convergence-based Energy Platform
  • Development of a Energy Solution for Various Forms of Energy such as Electrical Power and Heat using Big Data and IoT Technologies

Research Area
  • Demand side Energy Management and energy efficiency improvement
  • Internet-of-Things, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning (Deep Learning)

Content of Research
  • Energy Platform: Energy Platform to improve efficiency and demand side energy management using Big Data and IoT Technologies
  • Power Energy Management Services: AutoDR-based Demand Management Service and MBCx to improve Energy Efficiency
  • Virtual Power Plant : Virtual Power Plant Technologies consisting of DR, DER, ESS and EV
  • Big Data and Machine Learning, Complex System, and Transactive Energy: Optimization algorithms such as Energy Demand Prediction

Result & Expected effect
  • Prominence and high technical power of AICT in the research field through the implementation of core services and related projects by swiftly adopting ICT technologies to energy platform.
  • Expected reduction of nationwide energy waste through a qualitative improvement of the service for local district heating and the efficiency improvement of both sides of users and suppliers.

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