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  • Motion capture, Biomechanics, Motion analysis&synthesis, Human identification

  • Develop platform for realtime and post analysis research of motion related to humans and robotics. Use this platform to implement research in a more practical and industrial way.
  • Analyze human motion with the knowledge on biomechanics. Observe essential features of movement to identify individual characteristics.
  • Develop human motion database by using 3-D motion capture system. Based on huge database, establish the system to identify human by using their gait motion filmed by camera.

Research Area
  • Animation & Robotics fields.
  • Sport, Rehabilitation fields.
  • Human identification Applications

Content of Research
  • Develop high performance graphic application for plotting and rendering 3D data.
  • Synthesize natural motion based on learned information from motion capture database.
  • Study on essential features of movements.
  • Development on human identifying techniques & algorithm

Result & Expected effect
  • Generating realistic&naturalistic human movement contents
  • Developing the algorithm and system that keeps the original characteristic of actors, when the system synthesizes the novel human movements.
  • Moving towards a more standardized platform for motion research in which both research and industrial projects can be implemented can put our research center in a strong place for being the go-to center for industrial implementation and applications of realtime robotics and motion analysis.

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