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  • - Robot, extreme environment, extreme work, radiation, mechatronics, actuator

  • Development of robots that work in an extreme environment such as radioactive areas
  • Development of mechatronic systems with extreme performance such as ultrahigh speed or precision

Research Area
  • Robotics, mechatronics, radiology, medical physics, extreme environment

Content of Research
  • Robots that work in extreme environments
  • High-performance master device for teleoperation of dual arm robots
  • Automation of radiotherapy equipment
  • Performance advancement of production systems
  • Ultrahigh-performance actuator systems
  • Assistant robots for disabled persons

Result & Expected effect
  • Development of a master device for precision motion teaching of dual arm robots
  • Development of high-performance stair-climbing robots
  • Development of automatic C-arm repositioning system for reducing radiation exposure
  • Development of ultrahigh speed xy-stage

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