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Gahgene Gweon / Director homepage  send email
  • Engagement, Internet addiction, Education for young children, Conversation analysis

  • Development of computing system that understands and supports human cognition process.

Research Area
  • Human-Computer Interaction, Learning Science, Multimedia educational technology, Natural language processing

Content of research
  • Analysis of internet addiction patterns on smart devices: Development of recommendation system which suggests programs that help those who have problems with internet overuse. Conversation analysis and big data analysis technologies are used to identify addiction patterns and elements that cause internet overuse.
  • Development of educational system that leverages engagement factors which impact learning: Development of educational system which supports learning by considering factors that impact students’ cognition process. Natural language processing and big data analysis technologies are used to identify cognitive elements.

Result & Expected effect
  • Leading a culture that provides desirable use of internet by analyzing cognitive elements that impace smart device overuse, which is a problematic phenomenon in the current society.
  • Providing an innovative educational program which is based on understanding of students’ cognitive learning processes.

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